Vidal “Baboon”

For the past 16 years, each summer I would look forward to and cherish my time trimming every last boxwood and evergreen on my property – and my adjacent neighbor’s too. I would clear my calendar and plan on two full days totally dedicated to this task. When done I would reflect on their beauty and their top-notch look that represents Rosebrook Gardens as a well-manicured home and garden.

Last week I began this yearly June tradition only to end up calling the professionals to finish. Let me explain: I’ve been told that in a past life I was probably a hairdresser because when I take on this assignment I meticulously do it all by hand. No gloves, no helpers; just me and my hand-held hedge clippers. You can imagine how I, as an artist and designer, would snip away, walk back to review my progress, and then return, perfecting that perfect pom-pom shape I so desire. My friends have come to call me “Vidal Baboon” because if my boxwoods don’t look good I don’t look good.

This year, as I completed the side garden, I noticed six blisters and some major cuts on my hands. It was time to take a break, so when my landscaper Michael Bensey, of Straight Line Landscaping in Fairfield, CT was cutting the grass that day he said, “Mar, how about if you let me do it this year?” I pondered the idea and wondered: could his team of professionals have the same attention to detail as I would? Would they know how to trim following the existing lines and perfectly satisfy my critical and demanding eye for perfection?

The results were aMARzing, as if I did them myself. Who knew I had this incredible resource available to me. Thanks, Mike’s team! So does this mean Vidal Baboon is officially retired? Nope, hardly. But it’s good to know that I have a great resource when blisters arrive.

Need a bush, a shrub or a tree trimmed? E-mail Mike directly as you know he is MAR approved!

[email protected]