The Sun will come out toMARrow

I hope this blog finds you safe & healthy as we accept our “new normal,” while attempting to keep our lives as copacetic as possible.

That said, as we continue to stay isolated and quarantined in our homes and implement social distancing around the world, we are discovering new ways to entertain ourselves through these unprecedented challenging times. Thank goodness for all the creative social media posts and clever song reinterpretations. I love them all!

For me, these weeks have also been an awaking experience both personally and professionally. I noticed how priorities through a global epidemic can change and what truly is important in a time of crisis. Dedication, passion, kindness and love will always override selfishness, anger and pettiness. More so than ever, this is a time to come together and show one another our commitment for love and compassion.

Truth be told, with new standards and protocols in place, we will learn from the past as we propel ourselves into a new and safer future.

I find tremendous comfort knowing that we will conquer this! I believe in the universe, the stars, and the heavens as they realign us in a direction that builds us up not tear us down.

“The Sun will come out tomorrow” or in my case toMARrow.

Share the love for each other and thank you to all those that are on the front lines against Covid-19.