Skylight-Sky Bright

With my QVC premiere over – it was a rush! – I returned to Connecticut for some much-needed schnauzer love and kisses. I was delighted to find my new bathroom skylight installed. Truth be told, ever since I purchased Rosebrook Gardens, I always talked about the day when I would install a skylight in the master bath. That day finally came, as the installation of my new cedar shingle roof proved to be the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the ladders, workers and roof work being done.

The results are amazing, and I could not wait to take a shower. So in I went. I lathered up and looked up to the bright blue sky as the water ran down my body. I relished in the bright sun-filled room and loved the openness of the space. I was in heaven.

With the shampoo in my hair, my body lathered, I heard a noise. Oh heck, the workers are back and are right above me! Although the skylight was installed, the copper details were yet to be done. Yikes! An unexpected “flashing” by yours truly might surprise them right off the roof! I had to think fast – put on your robe for gosh sakes! So I did, and although I still had shampoo in my hair and my body lathered in soap, I gave the royal wave to the workers and rushed to my guest shower to finish. I was mortified.

My new skylight has provided me with an important new lesson. When you do QVC live you are on a high that reaches far beyond the sky. As I shower I’ll now say: “Skylight, sky bright, I wish I may, I wish I might, be able to take back that god-awful sight.”