Show Hands

The last couple of weeks you have been seeing a great deal of social media posts that show Mar team t-shirts, and the response to them (and the demand) has been somewhat unexpected.

Truth be told, when we created the “Crew” t-shirts we wanted to simply identify team members while filming the makeover show. But who knew that they would become the hottest new t-shirt of the sumMAR? Team members, friends and fans all wanted to sport this look and show their show support, and of course when people asked I simply handed them over.

This weekend while taking my ice skating lesson I took a moment to pose for a photo to show off my “show hands,” only to be told that I should not be wearing this t-shirt but rather one that reflects ‘boss’ rather than ‘crew.’  I simply answered that being part of the crew is like being in a big family of creative professionals and although I may be the boss I’m more at ease and proud to be part of this amazing crew.

Now let’s see a show of hands of all who agree?