Over the dumpster and pass the loo…

Rosebrook Gardens is officially a winter mess. As the snow continues to pile up, and the workers continue to dig their equipment out, I can only hope that the end results will be worth the current disaster zone. It’s a good thing the garden is at rest as the entire property is filled with falling shingles, clapboard and copper trim. What am I doing? Well, you’re going to have to wait for the finished reveal but in true Mar Jennings style it’s going to be MARvelous – tune in for all the details.

That said life goes on and so do the parties. Last weekend I hosted a Golden Globes red carpet party and as my guests arrived they commented on the port-a-potty in the front yard, the dumpster in the driveway and the maze they had to go through to get to the front door. The good news is once you dodged all the obstructions and the rubble you entered my home to find it is in its normal state.

We watched, criticized the dresses, voted on the possible winners, all while enjoying the comforts of good food, great drinks, fabulous company and of course a high definition big screen TV.

Was it just my imagination or did I hear them singing as they walked up the driveway? “Over the dumpster and pass the loo to Mar’s party we go!”