Northwest Living

Have I confused you a moment? Did I expand my show across the country? No–well, not yet, at least!–but yesterday I arrived in Vancouver, BC, for business and pleasure. Already a fan of all things British, it’s a treat to be in a Commonwealth country again (so soon after being in the British Virgin Islands, too). I can see why so many movies and tv shows film here, it’s very modern, sprinkled with touches of the past. The city looks a bit like New York, with areas that remind me of SoHo, Battery Park City, and Madison Avenue, but then I look in the distance and see the snow-capped mountains. They are beautiful, and shucks, I wish this were a skiing holiday, too!

I have a full schedule of meetings today, but the weekend is all my time. I have quite an agenda for myself, as it’s my first time here and I am not embarrassed to play tourist. I actually walked part of the Seawall (the 5-mile stone trail that runs around Stanley Park) this morning, but tomorrow I will visit the Park itself and see the amazing trees–and maybe do a little whale watching at the Aquarium, too. Shopping on Robson is a definite, and even up Grouse Mountain in the gondola for the perfect view of the entire city. I think the local native culture is pretty fascinating–they were certainly proud of being one with nature, to which I can relate!–so I can’t wait to see some of the ancient Native Canadian art and carvings at the famous Museum of Anthropology. As for dinner, well, where to start? I love seafood, so my choices are endless. I’ll keep you posted–any suggestions?

I can tell it will be a great visit here, as I had a terrific reception last night when I arrived at my boutique hotel. I ran into some lovely people in the lobby who recognized me from my book and online! Yes, Vancouver fans! (Fan-courverites?) It was such fun to get to know them, so we just had to pose for a photo. My weekend is off to a great start.

Northeast Living, Vancouver style — gotta love it, eh?