My Arbor Day

We all know that Arbor Day is a holiday in which individuals and groups are encouraged to plant and care for trees. Although usually observed in the spring, I’m a firm believer that spring isn’t the only good time to plant a tree – fall is also excellent. That said, the official date varies across the US, depending on the climate, but for Connecticut, it’s always the last Friday in April. Rosebrook Gardens is no stranger to planting trees! In fact, over the last sixteen years, I have planted seven trees on my property alone, not counting the many I have installed for neighbors, friends, and clients. So why am I writing about this at the end of July?

Truth be told–forgive my play on words–it’s time to celebrate now as I just installed a new, gated arbor to my property. Built by Orange Fence Company here in Connecticut, the overall designed was created by me.

What became of my old arbor? It was installed in 1996, and over the years I had it meticulously painted and repaired, but Mother Earth eventually grabbed hold of its cedar posts, rotting them to the core and making them no longer safe to bear the weight of the arbor, roses, and gate.

This year the time came for me to grab my sketchpad, and design a new gate and arbor that would be both unique and distinctive to the property. I focused a great deal on the gate design making a new focal point. The final result graces Rosebrook Gardens as a signature element to the overall English garden design, worthy of any royal visit. And being resourceful, I realized I could recycle the old gate and install it at my neighbor’s home as a new dog gate after a couple of quick repairs – the tradition continues as something old becomes something new.

Why go with a cookie cutter catalog design when you can create your own? It may be a little more expensive, but with my new arbor in place, I have a new reason to celebrate – “Arbor Day” the Mar way.