Mossy Delights

Find yourself with an unused indoor planter? Want something both decorative and interesting, but which requires no water or maintenance? Consider decorative moss as a wonderful way to perk up the look of a spare planter.

This sMARt tip is about discovering ways to use moss as a decorative accent in the home.  My favorite way to use moss is in my urns as it works as a filler but also as interesting texture when a plant is not an option or available. Simply fill the planter with wadded-up newspaper, then take moss strips and cover the top of the planter with it; you want to create a domed effect, making the moss visible from the sides. 

As a gardener, I encourage moss in the garden, especially on planters, rocks and stone finials. But when it comes to my interior designs I want to avoid the mess and bugs, so I prefer to use wonderful faux moss balls or sheet moss, which gives me the same look and feel of Mother Earth.

Moss is available at gardens centers and at many online resources; moss comes in a variety of types and it can be found either natural or preserved and colored. Reindeer Moss has a bright lime green color thus becoming my new must have item in my garden studio. Try expanding how you use this amazing decorative element: try adding it to floral arrangements, topiaries, wreaths, terrariums, crafts project and more.The projects are endless when you discover Mother Nature’s “Mossy Delights” in your home.