New Year’s Eve has always been a time for us to reflect upon the past and look to the future. (All while dressed in our best from head to toe – as my friend Lori’s shoes clearly demonstrate!) A new year brings new opportunities, new challenges and most importantly changes. Not as in changing our mind set to write 2010 rather than 2009, deeper than that. Take the idea of a New Year’s resolution – a commitment to a project or reforming a habit, often a lifestyle change that is generally interpreted as advantageous. Although the name comes from commitments that normally go into effect on New Year’s Day, truth be told, I wonder why should we wait for December 31?

Now that the parties are over and we clean up the holiday decor – especially removing the door wreath – 2010 has finally arrived and I like the sound of “2010.” I can’t help but wonder just how many resolutions are made moments before the glitz and excitement of the Times Square ball marking the New Year. I ponder to think, does anyone make a mid-year resolution? Perhaps the problem is we don’t refer to this as a resolution rather just as a simple change of mind or heart. So why not a MARsolution: this is about “now” a moment in time with no future date to officially observe the change. Why wait for tomorrow for what you can do today?

A dear friend said one New Year’s Eve that he does not make a year-end resolution. “Instead I resolve to live my life knowing that each day I control what I eat, what I say and what I do.” Four months later Edward Smith passed away. Today I cherish his insight to life and his wisdom has forever changed my life.

A new year is only that: a new year. If you wait till next year to make another resolution, well, you will waste your life way. Change takes action and action needs a beginning, so today can be a day of change – any day can be – as we never have to wait for tomorrow to start what we can do today. Tomorrow will come regardless, and if we are lucky we will be there to see it.

My MARsolution? To continue to take Edward’s advice – and mine to you – by continuing to make changes when they are needed, to take control of my future everyday, and to embrace all that is already in my life. Happy New Year everyone!