In Awe

This morning I awoke early, and as it was such a glorious day I took a stroll in the yard to take in the fresh, cool air and pay homage to all that is beautiful in the garden. Feeling extremely refreshed and – unlike other mornings when I find myself juggling both a camera and a Starbucks coffee – I was enjoying the “Hands Free” benefit of being able to touch while I walked. This morning was also the end of a successful work week and the debut of the July 4th weekend. I was in good spirits while taking in Rosebrook Gardens’ eye candy.

As I wandered through the side garden my eyes took delight in touching upon every small detail. The water drops from the irrigation system’s early morning watering schedule reflected the soft morning sun; on the hydrangea’s leaves they even captured the reflection of the delicate pink dahlia flowers above. I could hear the birds chirping, the bee’s buzzing and the schnauzer shnuffling over the pebbles under the pergola. The soft morning breeze was especially crisp and clean, and my lungs embraced the cool morning air like fuel for my long day ahead. I was barefoot and in my pajamas, yet my poor attire did not matter to my garden as my dedication to it allows me to wander the property regardless what I may wear. I look like hell, but I’m pardoned.

I took a moment to pause and spiritually connect to my home and life’s entire blessing; this is an honor that I do not hold lightly. That said, I turned to my back garden patio area and looked up towards the trees, their lush, dense leaves casting shade on the teak chaise longue chairs. I continued my way to the armillary outside my kitchen’s seating area window. At that very moment, a large female robin from the adjacent tree flew over and landed on top of it. I said “Well hello,” and rather than flying off, startled, she turned and looked right at me, as if she had something to say. I stood there. “You look so beautiful. What are you doing this morning?” She continued to look at me. “Are you here to tell me something?” She continued to stare. Remarkable, as she was within touching distance, and out in the open. I took a moment to think about how moments like these – connecting to nature in such a pure and spontaneous way – is the greatest gift of all for a gardener such as myself. I was amazed by this bird and needed to enjoy this treat for as long as I could.

Violet came around, wondering who I was talking to, so I picked her up, expecting for sure that the robin would fly away. Nope. I introduce Miss Violet to “Lady Bird Robin” – the name I quickly came up with. She proudly stood taller, acknowledged the introduction, and in a regal, proud way continued to watch us closely. Violet, too, was in awe – or just strategizing how to snatch her next meal? I said “Goodbye! Come again.” After our farewell I placed Violet down on the walkway and turned to continue my morning stroll. As I looked back the robin took flight, as if she, too, needed to report back on this MARvellous encounter. Maybe – just maybe – she, too, was in awe.