Flower Power

It’s cold outside and thank goodness I have my Violet to cuddle up, sit on my lap, and keep me warm. She’s better than a blanket! In fact, right now while working on the computer, writing this blog, she is fast asleep on my lap… this close to me at all times, offering me some extra heat and well-deserved schnauzer love.

That said, the sprinkle of snow today reminds me of winters past, and that’s there’s work to be done. Yes, with February just around the corner I’ve already had my trees trimmed and all holiday representations removed. Just a rule I keep; everything needs to be gone come Jan 15th. Now that that is done, I can begin to review my collection of gardening design books and get inspired during these cold days in Connecticut. I also find myself in the garden studio, playing in the dirt as it were, creating fabulous spring-inspired arrangements to display as a mind trick that spring has arrived in my home. Truth be told, with spring still 50 days away my abundance of vessels are filled with daffodils, hyacinths, and crocuses. Lush green textures and fragrances help hold me over until then.

Several new articles were posted this week because being “inspired” in the garden studio also inspires me creatively in my writing. I have always drawn inspiration from my home garden and life’s surroundings, and that also includes my life with Miss Violet, the pearl-wearing schnauzer that recently had her close-up on Better TV. She’s developed such a personality – and a fan following! – that I am now calling her by her full name: Violet Annabelle Rose Von Schnorkenheimer. Yes, three first names, all flowers. Quite a name for quite a girl.

This year I’m overly proud and excited about being selected to participate in the prestigious Garden Conservancy’s Open Days garden tour! I’m busy coordinating workers to help me unveil some exciting new treats in my forever-changing gardens. Sketching ideas and putting them on paper always works best for me, allowing me to really brainstorm my garden designs and select the best ideas to come to life. April brings the Macy’s Flower Show, where on April 2 at Macy’s Herald Square in New York I will lecture about creating a four-season garden, and Violet will be on hand to offering licks and kisses to all those who wish. I must warn you, she may try to slip you some tongue! I thought schnauzers were German, not French! Kissers beware.

So no matter what Mother Nature brings this winter, I’m tucked away, snuggling with Violet working on my lecture series and coordinating a time-line of activities. And with Violet’s garden-inspired flower-power names, when I can’t be outside playing in the dirt, Violet Annabelle Rose not only keeps me warm but keeps my garden near. You might say she packs some serous flower power.