Boomers and Bloomers

A week of exciting growth – from experiences and Mother Nature!

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you know I was in Orlando, Florida, earlier this week. I was asked to be a guest on a terrific show called Growing Bolder. It’s a nationally syndicated show focused on active lifestyles, targets Baby Boomers, and is carried on hundreds of PBS stations. I was interviewed by host Marc Middleton, and got a chance to discuss the importance of staying active, and how to jump-start that if you haven’t done so for years. I also covered the hot trends in Boomer travel, since getting away is an easy way to be active. We chatted about how so many folks don’t feel confident traveling if they have incontinence; it’s such a common issue, so I shared how Depend had partnered with real people to tell how they manage that concern. It’s a shame when it holds people back from getting away and living their lives, especially when a solution can be so discreet. (The hot trends, by the way? Cruises – more variety and prices than ever before; adventure travel – from overnight camping to safaris; and multi-generational travel – making a big comeback, and a great way to create lifelong memories.) Loved the Growing Bolder people and the show – I hope to get back there soon.

I came home to discover that the garden has exploded into blooms. Although I was only away overnight, the difference seemed startling to me. Roses were finally peeking out (they have been quite shy this Spring), peonies of all color were popping, and my clematis was happily climbing whatever they could find. It’s all colorful and gorgeous. And just in time for tomorrow’s visit by the “Over 40 Females“ networking group; their FairfieCountynty chapter will be here for the afternoon. Can’t wait to host them – a full report on that next week!

Gotta run and finish last-minute preparations for that. So I’ll leave you with this week’s update from my intern, Julian:

This week during my adventures as an intern I started production on a film project assigned to me by Mar. My goal on this video is to bring Mar’s new book LIFE ON MAR’S: Creating Casual Luxury to life on the screen, as well as to capture the beauty of his previous book, A Four Season Garden. Combining elements from the books with video of the home and garden, I am hoping to give viewers an overview of what they’ll get when they immerse themselves in the books. With his beautiful array of flowers and topiaries, it wasn’t hard finding the right shot, and the inside rooms were no different, as they give lots of views and vignettes. Later in the week, Mar gave me an opportunity to see how a live TV segment is put together. From preparation to the live taping, I experienced it all. Watching Mar in action was both thrilling and rewarding. For a film student like myself, this is really turning into a once-in-a-lifetime experience.