You’re a winner!  

Last weekend we gathered together at the home of my dear friends Beth and Hugh to watch and celebrate the 43rd New England Emmy Awards. When I arrived at their beautiful place in Greenfield Hill I discovered that they have offered up a red carpet, flowers, bubbly and even paparazzi to help solidify the festivities. (Hugh played the paparazzi, wielding his camera, shouting “over here, Mar” before I even got out of the car!)

Truth be told, this was my 7th Emmy nomination for LIFE ON MAR’S; The Home Makeover Show, and my Executive Producer Chris Panton also had a nomination for the show this year.

We were up for Emmy nominations in two different categories so the excitement was beyond thrilling. And add to the fact that I was also a presenter, for this first-time online viewing/announcement ceremony–you can say it was a night with lots of champagne!

With my friends around me, Daisy on my lap we watched, closely awaiting the results. Could this be the year I walk away with a win?   Could we capture two wins this year?

Luck would not have it. Therefore I’m feeling a lot like Susan Lucci with all these nominations but no win. It took her 19 nominations before she won so I’ll keep on going and hope for the best. Susan, any advice?

One point that was made while watching was how proud my friends were to be part of this celebration and the best part of the creative journey is not the win, rather the work of doing something you love and something meaningful.

So we’re a winner regardless! The many talented artists, corporate partners, the amazing behind-the-scenes team, the clients and our beautiful state of Connecticut all win best of the best in my book.

So all the acknowledgements and accolades go to everyone that makes LIFE ON MAR’S so great!  We swim in a big pool of experts, but we own the fact that we are the only Fairfield County production company that lives and focuses on staying within Connecticut and that’s a win unto itself.

Congratulations to all the winners, all the nominees and of course all who make this industry so MARvelous!  We are all truly blessed.