Would you MARry me, Mar?

Hello, my MARtians!

Can you believe it, I can marry people in Connecticut! I always say you can’t be married without the “M-A-R“ first, haha.

In June, coming off of a successful real estate transaction for neighbors Beth and Eddie, I was asked by them if I would ever consider officiating their wedding in September. I pondered the idea and wondered if it was even possible. Could I actually do it? And if so, what were the steps, and how long would it take?

My assistant Lauren got on it and soon discovered Universal Life Church Monastery online. In no time a new officiant ‘Clergy’ Jennings was ordained. And I’m in good company as Conan O’Brien, Kathy Griffin, Bryan Cranston as well as the late, great Joan Rivers share the same title and credentials. So yup, it’s true! I’m an officially recognized member of the Monastery having all the rights and privileges to perform all duties of the marriage ceremony.

Truth be told, I’m no stranger to weddings, as the global ambassador/lifestyle expert for MarryCaribbean.com, and having been featured on the cover of Florida Bride Magazine last year. So I guess you can say this works well with this role. That said, although I do not plan on doing weddings on a regular basis, I already have another scheduled for this month. I’m delighted to unite people in love and be part of this memorable experience.

Today I will officiate my first wedding in Westport at 6 pm for Elayne and David, and next weekend I do another in Norwalk for the neighbors who originally asked. I must say I do love a good rehearsal, and last night as we walked through Elayne and David’s process I felt the spirit of love in the air – and so, of course, we needed to capture the moment for this blog to share with you.

Join me in wishing the couples blissful love and happiness.