Wonderful Wonder Woman

I have always wondered about Wonder Woman and admired strong women in general. During my skating days, banking and now real estate days, I’ve worked alongside many amazing women but I’ve never forgotten how Wonder Woman inspired me.

When I realized the Wonder Woman character existed, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy of the DC Comic. When I did, I embraced her with open arms. I was also a bit infatuated with her as well. She was colorful, beautiful and…hey…she had an invisible plane. How cool is that?

Wonder Woman is unique to female lead characters, real or imagined. Especially back in 1941 when she was first revealed to the public via the comic book. Her drive, her power and her independence, all without a man, made her a true hero in every sense. (She even outsold Superman comics for a while!)

I was so excited to see this latest adaptation of the Wonder Woman character at the movies tonight, and at a time when women–and everyone, in fact–could benefit from a reminder of women’s power and abilities as human beings. And the fact that it was directed by a woman, Patty Jenkins, makes it even sweeter. The characters seem developed better than some recent action flicks, and although the actress, Gal Godot, is certainly beautiful, Wonder Woman isn’t shown in a sexualized way.

There are thrilling sequences, terrific cinematography, lots of great costumes and fun characters. Are there “over the top” moments? Of course, this is a superhero movie! But somehow it all seems grounded. Heck, there’s even a “Pretty Woman” type makeover moment–which ends in a decidedly true-to-the-character way. And the film’s final message–the “aha” that Wonder Woman has which unlocks her true power–is so unifying and perfect. People in the theater applauded–and I hear that’s happening everywhere.

This movie is absolutely timely and appreciated for its appeal for fairness and justice. Just as Diana, Princess of the Amazons was trained to be a warrior and inspire others, so are the women I know and love – and so are you MARtians out there!

Wonder no longer, Here are some Fun Facts about Wonder Woman:

  • Wonder Woman was made of clay by her mother, Hippolyta, and brought to life by Zeus.
  • The comic’s creator originally named her Suprema, the Wonder Woman.
  • The first Wonder Woman took criminals to Transformation Island to reform them.
  • She ran for President in the comics back in the 1940s.
  • Cathy Lee Crosby starred in the 1974 TV movie about Wonder Woman
  • The comic’s stories have given her varying–and sometimes head-scratching–skills and abilities: She wielded Thor’s hammer. She has the ability to talk to animals. She once worked at a taco restaurant.
  • In the 60s she lost her powers and worked in a Greenwich Village boutique as Diana Prince.
  • She became focused on relationships, to the point that Gloria Steinem put her on the cover of the very first Ms. Magazine in order to remind DC comics that she was a superhero.

She’s a woman who doesn’t need saving; she saves herself. There’s so much more to know and love about Wonder Woman. I’m sure you’ll learn a thing or two as you enjoy the movie. Why don’t you grab your best buddy and go see it? It is a great way to start the weekend–and get inspired by our potential. Happy Friday!