Winning the Gold

This week found me back on the ice, skating to We’ve Only Just Begun by the Carpenters.  Why “back on the ice”? I was in full-on compete mode. The Ice Skating Institute World Recreational Championship was this week in Boston, and I competed.

And guess what? I captured the Gold Medal in The 2018 Senior Gold Men’s category. I spent months preparing with early morning skating sessions, and workouts to increase my strength and flexibility.

Why that Carpenters’ song? It was not just my theme song but also a salute to all adults looking to do what they have loved to do, and push through, find the time & energy and simply do it!

Truth be told, it was not my best performance, but it was good enough to bring home a gold medal.

Bad ice conditions combined with not being able to hear my music both distracted me and confused my overall skating performance.  I felt confident, having prepped for months, but when I jumped into the air and landed I slid out and fell on the ice. OMG!! “What the heck!?” I thought, “I did this performance just this morning at The Milford Ice Pavillion in Milford, CT.”  I love that rink, and apparently, I left my best performance there!

I was completely mortified that I fell, but it only took a moment to “Snap out of It” (yes, channeling Cher’s iconic line), and then I bounced up and continued my 3-minute program.

This personal achievement would not have been possible without the help and dedication of Karla Delio Jones, my Head Coach, and Michelle Marella, my biggest cheerleader and also my Choreographer. And of course, my devoted MARtian fans.  Thank you, thank you – your well-wishes and appreciation are such an honor to receive.

So what’s next for my skating career?  “You just on the gold medal, what are you going to do now?” Anyone around in the ’80s remembers that athletes used to answer “I’m going to Disneyland!” Nope not me. Back to the usual routine–plus some weekly skating sessions for personal enjoyment, with no further competition in sight.

My last shout-out and important note is thank you to Lululemon in Westport for their fabulous attire to compete in. My casual luxury skating outfit was both admired and envied by all.  You get the gold for quality, flexibility, and style.  Everyone wins!

Truthfully, all the men and women who competed in these World Championships are winners. It was inspiring to skate in your company. Congratulations!