White On!

Greetings from Long Island,

As you know, I’m on holiday in Southampton, NY and with a nice long weekend, I decided to fill “Casa del MAR“ with some of my wonderful neighbors from Connecticut. I adore them and like to refer to them as family.

The weekend was stress free, delightfully fun and full of good times. This is the kind of holiday vacation that one remembers for years: good food, good friends and plenty of shopping. And with the amazing weather we had, the recipe called for fun in the sun. Hurricane Earl never showed up on Friday but luckily, my houseguests did. After all, he was not invited.

I took advantage of this rare opportunity to capture the memories for everyone by coordinating a photo shoot at the beach one evening. What coordinating was necessary you may ask? Well, fabulous photos just don’t happen. They are carefully planned. I visualized everyone in white, and as luck would have it, everyone had brought something. My goal was to create a lasting memory of this magical experience. Not all neighbors become “family” but we are and it was perfect.

We went to my favorite beach around 6:00 pm when the light was soft and luminescent. Almost everyone had brought a camera. If not, their cell phone came in handy. We all got in the mood and frolicked in the sand striking different poses, embracing our friendships as we embraced each other. So, the “white-on” was right-on!

Note to self: next year get a bigger house with a swimming pool.

IN PHOTO:Trish Maskell, Katie Wood, Mar Jennings, Geri Zatcoff, Kristin & Geoff Shafter