Wheely Smart For Spring

Happy Friday, Martians!

This spring, when it comes to design, I’m all about versatility along with form and function. Check out this really smart #wheelysmart #designhack I’m in love with! I took a pretty shabby-chic table – a recent tag sale find – and added these clever wheels I found at Home Depot.

I chose these urban casters because they are cheap and cheerful. They have brakes on them, so the table can be locked in place. I love the chunky, industrial feel and contrast they bring to this ordinary table. Plus, it immediately transforms the item into the epitome of Casual Luxury.

To see this table in action, mark your calendars to watch the next episode of Life on Mar’s: The Home Makeover Show on Saturday, April 23 at 2pm on ABC. You’ll see how this simple design addition makes this the perfect piece of furniture for the brand new laundry room. (And wait till you see how the kids’ old playroom has been transformed into a new indoor garden studio!) Not up to date with the episodes? Check them out here.

There are lots of other great ways to use casters like these. Check out my top 5 things you should put wheels on:

  1. Kitchen and work islands
  2. Tables of any size
  3. Chairs
  4. Ottomans and stools
  5. Planters, especially large or heavy ones

I’ve personally added wheels to kitchen islands and craft room worktables in order to maximize available space. The easy mobility is especially helpful if space is limited, or the room is multipurpose. Large furniture such as chairs, sofas and ottomans are also opportunities for wheels to transform something stuffy into something casual and fabulous, which allows you to change the room configuration in a snap.

Well, that’s my smart tip for the week. I hope you get ‘moving’ with these ideas. Please post your creations online. Use the hashtags #designhacks #wheelysmart !