What’s Cooking?

As a connoisseur of good food, I’ve had the pleasure of dining in many great restaurants, literally around the world. This past Wednesday, my good fortune continued at Tavern at Artisan in the new Delamar Southport Hotel in Southport, CT. What a treat! Not just the food, but also the superb company of friends: Ooh la la, the “dynamic duo of Donnas!”

I was waiting at the bar, with a martini in hand, when these two strikingly beautiful women walked in the door and right over to me. The guy sitting next to me said, “They’re with you?” I said, “They sure are. At least for tonight while their husbands are away!” I was in heaven. We strolled over to our table and settled in. Perfectly situated, it was the best, most coveted table in the house because it’s perfect for people watching. It’s also round and I love a round table because it makes for cozier conversation.

But heaven was also in the food, especially the seafood chowder. While there was a steady stream of delicious eats that caught the attention of neighboring diners, it was the chowder that sent me over the edge. A hot, over-sized bowl full of slightly sizzling seafood arrives. Then hot broth is poured over the seafood, not overly thick but the perfect consistency, and seasoned just-so. It is divine.

The excitement continued when after dinner I was whisked away to the kitchen to meet the Executive Chef, Frederic Kieffer. What a thrill, as he just received a glowing review in the New York Times last week. There is nothing like the hustle and bustle of a restaurant kitchen and Chef Kieffer’s is no different, lots of energy and lots of people running around. And boy, was it clean. I congratulated him on the sensational food and no doubt, I’ll be returning soon with friends. Maybe I’ll even make it a weekend get-a-way and book a room.

So not only did I have some hot company, I got to see what’s cooking with the chef. Now that’s a cook’n good time!