We’re Open!

Hello my Martians I hope this blog finds you all happy, healthy and safe as we continue to make strides in retaliating the COVID-19 pandemic.

For me, life on Mar’s continues as we accept we reimagine the new standards of doing business-as-usual and embrace our new daily protocols.  Everyday it seems we read about another part of the business sector that is opening up.

But I know how important it is to remember that opening up doesn’t mean stopping our vigilance.

In doing so, last weekend I became the first realtor in Connecticut to announce the return of Open Houses in my state. It was not long after my social media posts that other realtors took note and decided to jump into action doing the same.  But let it be known that I was the bold first to take the lead.  And I love that of course!  Why be a follower when you can be a leader?

Truth be told, If I was going to be the first I would need to do it big!  So I decided to schedule two open houses–one on Saturday, from 1-3 and one on Sunday also from 1-3.  Team Mar was ready and excited to get back to work so we called this return/comeback as the “Back to Business Weekend” and of course with new defined ways of doing business.  So I felt that I needed to begin by letting the public know that we were serious on how we do business.  I began by creating some great new copy announcing our return.  Here it is….


We care about you and your journey to find the perfect home.  Seeing is believing and for many of us, experiencing a home one-on-one is the only way to truly understand a home’s special qualities.  Therefore, we are back to business, complying with all government recommended health and safety guidelines during Covid-19. We invite you to join us and tour this amazing home with our new, easy-to-follow compliance touring process.

Now it was time for some promotions! I quickly called multiple media outlets in CT & NY and with Mother Nature on our side we had two of the best sun filled days with perfect temperature.  The buyers and lookie-loos came in droves!  Thank goodness!

We wore our masks, had a QR code for the property (so there was no handling of paper), had social distancing floor markers, timed entries and even walkie-talkies to assure proper communication from isolated dedicated locations.  Because safety was our first priority we lead by example.

In the end, we were proud and delighted with our proactive efforts, public turnout and new safety guidelines.  So much so, we’re doing it again and again–every weekend.

So yes we’re open for business and enjoying the normalcy of doing what we love and loving what we do.