Voiceover Work

Last summer I blogged about my home, Rosebrook Gardens, being featured in an independent film by Judith Studios called Janie Charismanic. (Some of you remember this!) No sooner had the two-day shoot at my home finished when I was asked to do a cameo as a Maitre d’ of a fancy outdoor restaurant. Of course, I said yes. To make the deal even better I was given several lines, thus making me officially an actor with a speaking role. For my costume I dusted off one of my banking suits and arrived early to do the scene, looking the part and excited to be in a movie. Dreams do come true, people!

Flash forward: This week I was asked to come into the sound studio to do voiceovers for my scene. I’m no stranger to voiceover work, but this voiceover work was different: it was actually a ‘looping’ session. That’s the term used for recording dialogue to replacing what was recorded live. It’s a very common practice in film. It involved me watching the scene multiple times to learn the timing, then recording my lines to match. So why did we have to ‘loop’ it? No, I didn’t make a mistake! Turns out the late summer night meant too many crickets were heard on the original sound, and so all the actors were ‘looping’ the scene.

We finished ahead of schedule, so I asked if – while I was there – it was possible to see the scenes in which my home was featured. They were more than willing to accommodate, so I watched as right before my very eyes the beauty of Rosebrook Gardens unfolded. The actors performed the scenes while the blooming roses, climbing clematis, and lush, vibrant boxwood framed their magical dreamy world. The indoor scenes of the kitchen and dining room showcased my home’s casual luxury look and feel, and as the camera moved through the space, the collection of artwork and decorative household touches presented itself in front of a whimsical vignette of the back garden. Wow, this was beautiful and it wasn’t even on the big screen!

Now we wait for the premiere later this year. I’ll keep you all posted via all my social media outlets when the movie is released. I’m so grateful to the professional team and all the wonderful supporters that love my style and home. It’s a gift to show it off not just in print, on TV or the internet but also to give “voice” to my style on the big screen, too.