Visit me, “A PLANTaholic”

Hi. My name is Mar Jennings and I’m a Plantaholic. There I’ve said it. And if that statement isn’t enough, my garden is the proof. Large or small, flowering or evergreen, my addiction to plants began long ago. My grandmother introduced me to the rewards she received from loving her indoor plants. That spring, she turned me onto her garden. Plants choices can be overwhelming, but the best and most regarding for me will always be roses and peonies as they burst into their full splendor and glory.

The Garden Conservancy’s Open Days Program tour is this Sunday, June 6th from 10-4pm and includes five private gardens in Fairfield County. Rosebrook Gardens will be welcoming guests for all over the tri-state area. Of course, my friends and neighbors will be on hand to help. But to truly appreciate the gardens, one must know just how dedicated I am to them, and to making this journey to Westport not only a memorable one, but one that will inspire and captivate you for years to come.

A proud Plantaholic, I’m not quitting anytime soon and as long as you love what you see, I’ll be there for you. Some people go to the beach or play golf. Me, I go to nurseries and discover what’s new. And now that I back from Paris and all inspired from the Versailles Gardens, I’m even more addicted to gardening.

So with all the excitement of the upcoming preparations and radio and TV promotions, I took a moment last night to write a short poem. Although, I’m no poet as I know it, I believe my love for plants, gardening and sharing my passion shines through.

To all who visit on this notable day, I offer my passion in a creative way.
The gift of beauty I give to thee, sweet as these flowers shall you be.
Beauty is yours in mind and sight, from early morning till the end of night.
Rosebrook Gardens is here to stay, so gaze into the gardens for a breathtaking display.
So as you enter, please be neat; watch out! Schnauzer ‘neath your feet.

Do you like? Whether you have a small planter or a whole garden to enjoy, having a plant around will bring you joy. Ok, so I just cannot help myself — plant one on me if you wish!