Violet Over the Rainbow

My dearest Martians,

Violet, my beloved Mini Schnauzer, was laid to rest this last Monday surrounded by the people she loved and the among the surroundings of her home Rosebrook Gardens.

That said, on Sunday when we discovered that she was beginning to bleed internally we collectively came together and began to prepare for the worst. She was a beautiful girl and having her suffer to prolong her life was not an option.

Dr. Jeffery Kay from Weston, CT was called (a fabulous referral from social media), and after a quick look at her he offered us one more night to enjoy her company.

This last night was a bonus for me as I slept with my sweet schnauzer one last time. Bedtime was always yummy with Violet in bed by my side but this night I held her closer. Kissing her belly was the norm before bedtime, but this night was truly different as I looked into her hazel eyes and told her what a good girl she was, and the joy and the blessings she had bestowed on me.

“You are my good girl, my baby,” I said, as tears rolled down my cheeks landing on her face. “I will forever cherish our life together and I thank you for your endless love and devotion to me, my friends and extended family.”

Violet looked up to me, licking my tears as if to say; “Daddy, you need not worry about me, as I’ll be visiting Edward, Corky and all those I have missed over the years. Now let’s go to sleep.”

Dogs never live long enough. Having owned several over my life it never gets easier to say goodbye. Violet was particularly connected to Rosebrook Gardens as her forever home: she was the first lady of the house to live here her entire life. Maybe this is silly, but because she witnessed the renovations, the celebrations and the career choices right by my side in the wonderful place I call home, she will always be a part of it.

Her life was wrapped up in mine, but her love was so big it could be shared by many, and we all felt special. She was part of so many people’s lives and touched everyone.

Violet Annabelle Rose Von Schnorkenheimer: December 12, 2008 – October 28, 2019

After almost 11 years together on this journey of endless love and kisses, all our time together suddenly must transform to forever memories, the kind that books and poems are written about. The pain bursts within my heart still, but the overwhelming responses of love and support will comfort my grief as time continues.

Violet entered immortality on Monday morning at 10:12 a.m. She left this plane but will forever be in our hearts and souls. She crossed the mythical rainbow bridge that connects heaven and earth to meet those who have passed before her and frolic in a ray of sunshine among the lush valleys of trees, flowers, and warm sand. The perfect light fills the heavens and a new angel has arrived to play.

Violet Annabelle Rose Von Schnorkenheimer: December 12, 2008 – October 28, 2019. Rest in peace my baby girl, knowing you will forever be remembered as the perfect pet who was loved by everyone who had the pleasure to be with you. Your endless kisses and gifts will forever be with us.