Violet Behind Bars on Mars

Finally! Weather that we can enjoy, and I have. I took my Vespa all the way to my favorite farm stand in Easton and now daily to the gym. I feel really good about the all the gas and money I’m saving while working on my tan. For me, I need all the help I can get.

My garden is exploding with hydrangeas and if they haven’t already bloomed, the buds are bursting. This will ensure massive bouquets from now until November and has given me an idea for an article on several ways to creatively display them. Make sure to check out for this exciting new article.

Thursday I was back in New York shooting a segment for Better TV, and had the pleasure of meeting the one and only Miss Tanya Tucker. Miss Tucker is an American country music icon who had her first hit, “Delta Dawn” in 1972 at the age of thirteen. She was gorgeous, down-to-earth and we had too much fun. What a great honor it was to meet her.

Miss Violet Von Schnorkenheimer turned 31 weeks old. Mamma Geri says its time to stop counting her life in weeks but I don’t know how (just kidding) and it’s not as much fun because she is my baby. She continues to fascinate all of us with her charm and adorable loving personality even though anything that is on a chair is now viewed as a toy opportunity. The floor, where her toys are, is simply not as interesting now. In fact, she managed to get my Stetson cowboy hat off a chair and completely chewed the inner lining. When I leave the house now, she goes behind bars. Let me explain.

Violet now has a proper crate. She managed to escape regularly from the zippered canvas cases that I was using in the beginning. No more Houdini. Not only did she manage to figure out how to open the zippers, she destroyed four of them. Maybe I should have gotten the real crate after she shredded the first one. The metal crate just somehow seemed too cold for my precious little baby. Nevertheless, she asked for it.

This is the season for garden tours and gardening lectures and I’ve been busy preparing the garden for Garden Club tours. The pages of my book Life on Mars come to life when one witnesses my garden first hand. It is my gift and pleasure to share it with others especially when they have purchased the book.

One more exciting piece of news. The prototype of my new line of candles called the “Mar Home Line” is ready. They do not contain synthetic ingredients and are all-natural, paraffin-free, fragranced with essential oils, and boast an above-average burn time of 50 hours. I’ve been using them, and the aroma of jasmine gently fills the air. They are fabulous, a limited edition, and will be available soon. Stay tuned.