Vespa Hibernation, Anglo Style

I’ve always been a proud American who celebrates the patriotic colors of the red, white and blue. And to prove it, I hang an extra large American flag proudly under my pergola for the entire month of July. When I’m not hanging an American flag, I’m hanging my Union Jack flag that I had custom-made while I was in Antigua.

My home, Rosebrook Gardens, is a traditional English Garden so of course, I embrace the Union Jack to visually support the allusion. Truth be told, over the last decade the Union Jack design has been very on-trend, and today you can’t help but notice that just about everywhere you look you can find this classic design. From key chains to furniture and everything – and I mean everything – in between, there is no shortage. In fact, many chains focus on fabulously British things, from clothing to home accessories. Jack Wills is a great example; I own their pillowcases and a duvet cover.

While on assignment in London, I had my Anglophile eye out for cool design. I discovered a wonderful scooter shop that showcased the classic British Union Jack design on Vespas. As a Vespa owner since 2008, I soon realized what I was missing and longing for. My very own Union Jack Vespa!

When I returned to Westport, I quickly coordinated for my Vespa to be picked-up for its usual winter service and storage, but unlike years before, this time, she will also get a new paint job. Earlier this week I went to visit Scooter Centrale of West Hartford (so worth the trip) and got sneak peek of the overall design (see above photo). Although it was only a simple mock-up of the new look I quickly fell in love with the design layout.

This spring Rosebrook Gardens will not only be entertaining garden guests and showcasing an English garden on American soil, but I’ll be talking the talk while driving a Union Jack scooter. Jolly good right?

Downton Abbey has nothing on me. Stay tuned for the big reveal in April!