Up, Up and Away

What a treat I had this Thursday! I had the opportunity to oversee Connecticut Arborists work their magic on Rosebrook Gardens. Fall time is the best time to trim your trees; they arrived with their trucks lining the street prepared to get right to work. Rosebrook Gardens was the main focal point but I also coordinated the work to be done for my adjacent neighbor’s house, too – it’s known as The Doll House. Together we maximize any service providers for the best prices. For example, when I installed a new driveway, she did too. When I do my spring and fall clean-up she does too. A tradition that’s been going on for over 15 years.

Armed with my new Canon EOS Rebel T3i SLR camera, I went out to take some photos for a new article I’m writing. With all the equipment in the street – including an extending bucket that reaches over 100 feet – I was curious to see if I could view the neighborhood in new ways. The first question asked of me? “Are you scared of heights?” I replied, “No, I love roller coasters.” And just like that the bucket came down. Thanks to Eric Barber’s safety-first aid, I was harnessed and strapped in securely, and in moments ready for the journey over yonder. Up, up, up, up and up I went.

I took plenty of photos but the best were the photos of my new cedar roof that was installed last winter. From this view, I could appreciate the solid copper dormers both on the house and garden studio – not to mention the cedar roof on the shed – in a whole new way: a bird’s eye view. The gardens and skyline from this vantage point touched my heart, as this was perhaps a once in a lifetime experience. The day was perfect.

I came down from this intoxicating high just in time to pack some bags and head to New York later that afternoon. So I guess you can literally say I went up, up and away!