Uncle Mar

Hello my MARtians!  Happy New Year to you all.

As 2018 comes to an end, I’m delighted to announce a change in my familial status.  I’m an Uncle!!

That said, although I’m not an uncle to any humans, I am officially “Uncle MAR” to two wonderful fur babies; Ivy Leigh Rose and newbie Charlie Parker Rose O’Kane.

Being a schnauzer owner, with two girls of my own, I know the importance of having extra loving hands in your life. You never know when a babysitter will be called for!  The coveted Aunt and Uncle positions are not only assigned by the puppy’s Mommy and Daddy, but also by the baby themselves.  Truth be told, one always knows just when an uncle position has been filled.

These lovely babies are now officially an extension of my life.  Yes, I have two dog-ters of my own, but I’m happy to hold court for four schnauzers if such duty calls. I love all fur babies and when I can expand the family right here in Westport then even better.  All in all I have been responsible for seven Miniature Schnauzers in Fairfield County thus far. Truthfully, these bundle of love extended family members know how to love their humans back. Endless kisses, cuddles and squeaks of happiness prove they are more than just pets, they are people too.  Get a  schnauzer and you will never sleep alone again.

So, on behalf of the Von Schnorkenheimers, we welcome 10-week old Charlie to the family.

Congratulations O’Kanes on your new baby and your big baby Uncle Mar!