Twilight Tour

Winter is in full swing. Now that the holidays are over, the tree is down, and the Garden Studio is closed for the season, I begin to enjoy my home Rosebrook Gardens as a retreat from the cold. It’s transitioned from holiday-central to a cozy place to nestle in with my Schnauzer, read the New York Times and enjoy the next two months happily off the hook from any gardening chores.

As I draw myself close to the fire and dim all the lights–save one reading lamp–I blissfully take in the surroundings and ponder the years of love and attention bestowed onto my home. I’m proud homeowner and, even before discovering Rosebrook Gardens, the transformations of my rental properties were also just as rewarding. That’s because I created spaces that always were comfortable and inviting. Today I refer to this as my Casual Luxury brand of lifestyle cohesiveness and style. But even after all the years of evolution and commitment I never get tired of rooms that invite with their function and reveal decorative details that provide a playful personality.

Yesterday during the blizzard of 2018 I alternated between reading and puttering about with small chores. I was burning candles and a fire, which together gave the perfect ambiance of lighting. I felt compelled to grab my camera and photograph it all in an attempt to capture the moment–and the proud feeling I was having enjoying the rooms that motivated me over the years.  No special lighting, no special lenses, no Photoshop–just me wandering around with the camera. The lead photo that kicks off this blog is part of it, but I invite you to click on the LINK HERE for the complete tour.

I’m blessed to call Rosebrook Gardens mine, and even more blessed to share my love and passion with all of you, my dedicated MARtians. I leave you with this: Any space can become your own sanctuary and retreat. It all begins when you choose to captivate your sense of the space by reflecting the people, pets and things that make you and your home unique. Enjoy the everlasting journey and always take a moment to count your blessings.