Travel-Ready Garden

As part of my preparations for my trip to London on Monday, I accelerated my garden chores so I may rest assured that Rosebrook Gardens will be in tip-top shape while I’m gone. Because I’m an avid gardener, thanks to those early years in my Grandmother’s garden, I take very seriously the task of trimming and pruning my garden on a yearly basis. This year marks an early milestone as hurricane Sandy prompted me to jump into action as well as take it to the next level.

For starters, each year I burlap my larger boxwood and wrap the others with twine. This task provides me with two benefits: One– I can rest assured that no matter how much snow we receive this winter the boxwoods will stand tall and take the weight. Even the wettest snowfalls will not spread the branches out from the center, bending them and causing them to snap from the weight. Two– Knowing that my investment in boxwood (which is around 500 shrubs when I last counted) is under wraps (pun intended,) I know I won’t have to replace them.

Here is the “next level.” My emerald green Arborvitaes required a massive trim, and so atop an extra long ladder, I was snipping away. After two days of it, my hand pruners became one with me, as I took each branch down closer to the core so this stand of trees could also bear the weight of a snowfall. My Bradford Pear tree – as you know from my previous blog post – was cut back and large branches removed, but my crab apple tree also awaited a pruning, so, up the ladder I went again.

What else? Outdoor lights were checked, roses mulched, the grass was cut, leaves blown away, and garden studio shut down for the season. I don’t expect others to be as passionate about their garden (and as extreme with its detailed care) as I am, but I do it so I can share it with you – here, at tours and lectures, and on TV – as it becomes my living inspiration.

Three days later I was done. It takes a talented team to make the gardens and grounds so wonderful and I’m proud to say that Rosebrook Gardens has the most amazing professionals on hand to support us.

The garden is officially at rest and so am I. I can head off to London, England, with an open mind for new creative ideas and resources. While there I’ll no doubt “keep calm and carry on” – looking forward to my return with no regrets.