Travel and Recovery

Being on assignment last week in the United States Virgin Islands, I returned home late Friday afternoon with memories of a lifetime, new-found friendships, as well as exciting new projects and opportunities to continue them this fall. This delightful high would have to pause for a moment as my schnauzer, Violet, was recovering from major surgery that afternoon. Thank goodness for my dedicated Team MAR, who kept me posted each step of the way, as every detail of her bladder stone procedure unfolded while I was en route.

Today marks a week since her surgery, and she is back in business: barking, running and seeking treats wherever she can. Is this the same dog who cried in my arms after her first post-surgery wee-wee last Friday night? Truth be told, her tummy scar is hardly noticeable, thus not impacting her “Play Dog” centerfold potential, should someone ask for her to be in such a spread.

All kidding aside, things are back to normal here at LIFE ON MAR’S, but a couple of things are forever different: Violet’s stones are gone, but the many new talented professionals I met will be around for good.

Discover the USVI for yourself; bring a friend or find one there. Either way, it’s going to be a trip to remember.