Trail Tails

My miniature schnauzer, Violet Annabelle Rose Von Schhnorkenheimer, is what I like to refer to as my “fur baby.” I adore my little girl but she is growing up so quickly. This December she will turn three and I’m turning 29. Can you believe it? Okay, but the truth is that Violet is really turning three; how the months turn to years as they fly by so quickly. I try to hold on to those puppy years through my writing and by taking lots of photos. Being such a good dog, Violet goes everywhere with me and whenever possible I try to treat Violet – also known to many as Miss V – to fun adventures. Recently we had one of those memorable days together, the kind that you capture in your mind as a quintessential magical moment in life which truly makes you pause and say thank you.

This tale starts when recently we collected all the dogs (and their humans) for a neighborhood dog walk. Cynthia and her dog Victor coordinated the morning, and we all took a short drive to the Aspetuck Land Trust in Weston, Connecticut, a 39-acre preserve. Formed in 1966, The Aspetuck Land Trust is a non-profit Connecticut Corporation dedicated to preserving open spaces and the natural resources for Easton, Fairfield, Weston and my community Westport.

It was not long ago my previous schnauzer Corky Von Schhnorkenheimer was alive, full of beans, roaming and protecting Rosebrook Gardens, and even visited this very park with me. Violet will create new memories here, but I’ll never forget the little salt and pepper schnauzer who moved to Rosebrook Gardens with me as the lady of the house. Violet has taken over the reigns as the grand dame, but she will forever be known as my baby.

Many people take the Aspetuck for granted, but not us as we proudly walked our dogs through the hills and over the many bridges, and although some of our four-legged friends preferred to walk in the mud, Miss V stayed close, more than happy to follow my trail. Almost as if she knew to stay dry, clean and ready for a pick-up at a moments notice.

The trails are clearly marked, and each dog followed our fearless leader Cynthia – one by one, perfectly in line, each dog followed the next, staying on the trails. Victor, Violet, Lola, Boss and baby Hudson. Trail tales and Trail tails, it was a beautiful thing.