Top Ten Things I’ll Be Glad To Leave Behind From 2016

Happy Friday, MARtians!

I hope this particular Friday has you in great post-holiday spirits and ready for the New Year! I know I am very ready for the calendar to flip a page. My, hasn’t 2016 been a bit of a pill? In that spirit, I’d love to share the top ten things I’ll be happy to see the back end of from this pesky year.

10. Nonstop election coverage. ‘Nuff said.

9. Death of every celebrity I’ve ever loved. Carrie Fisher and now her mother darn it?

8. The last of the home/kitchen renovation. I am so glad to have a functioning home again – no dust in the air, no noise, no craftsmen, just the normal routine.

7. All that junk I got rid of during the great pre-Christmas purge of 2016

6. My old iPhone that simply would not keep a charge. I was sick of the extra battery I had to tote around with it.

5. My Fitbit that I just don’t seem to use it, plus it keeps getting wet and shorting out.

4. The Toblerone candy bar controversy. What shape will win out? Will it be the old-school triangular bar or a flat boring traditional bar? Who cares?

3. Hearing the word “Brexit.” Ugh. Just, ugh.

2. The wait for “Star Wars: Rogue One” to come out in theaters! Huzzah!

And finally, the last of my top 10 things I’ll be more than pleased to be done with from 2016 … (Drum Roll Please!)

#1! All that sugary junk food around the house! Look, I love a treat every now and again, but this has been just ridiculous. From the cookie parties to the trays of fruitcake, bonbons and more – I’ve had it. I’m looking forward to eating some greens and getting back to a more normal food atmosphere!