Timeless Color 

Over the years I have enjoyed Rosebrook Gardens as not only my home but also an extension of my brand, holding her dear to me as we both grew up over the decades. That said, just like in life we need a little tweak here and there, and Rosebrook Gardens is no exception.

This week begins the task of a week long process of painting her every detail along with her surrounding outbuildings: the Garden Studio and Folly. The original punch of color has faded and with all the needed decorative details and millwork it was time to spruce it all up.

The custom color I selected over 22 years ago is still relevant and desirable.  Sure, this may be the 3rd paint job in that time period, but each time I do reflect and consider an alternate color. However, I always end up back to my original choice.

I call this custom color “Cafe au Lait” as a reminder of my trip to Paris, France just before closing on the home. Many color ideas have crossed my mind over the years but in the end I always return to this great color. The trim, fences and pergola will remain Navajo White while the shutters, front door and the Garden Studio garage door all contrast in a high gloss black paint. In fact, the black trim and doors was a inspired by a trip to the UK.

The first step was to have the home power washed. With that completed today, the layers of a decade gone by are stripped away, and only now can the fresh coat of paint be stroked on.

Rosebrook Gardens will always personify my life and travels. However, as the steward of this place I call home, I’m often kindly reminded by others that Rosebrook Gardens and her ever-changing nature are even inspiring for those who don’t live here. So for that I’m proud to keep her going for decades to come.