This is Condo Living?

Hello my MARtions!

As a home owner who prioritizes my garden and my many outdoor tasks and responsibilities, I recently discovered a new-found appreciation for the condo lifestyle. Let me explain.

My newest transformation is currently taking place at “Stay Awhile,” a fabulous condo complex located in Westport with just-as-fabulous owner Mary Alice. It is getting a complete redo, and we are documenting it for an upcoming LIFE ON MAR’S episode for the next season. I can’t wait to show you how Casual Luxury makes its way into a condo.

That said, on Sunday, I listed a totally revamped condo also in Westport called “Garden Court.” (Shown above.) Unlike Stay Awhile, Garden Court is for sale and is currently listed by my real estate company.

Transformations take time, and Garden Court was a month in the making as this condo—although it was loved and filled with light and memories of the last owner—needed several strategic design upgrades and professional staging. Take a look at some of these befores and afters below, and watch the Daisy tour video of the entire home. I think Daisy really loves the place as she was very comfortable there.

Living Room Before  Living Room After


Dinning Room Before   Dinning Room After


Master Bedroom Before  Master Bedroom After


Kitchen Before  Kitchen After


I have been spending a great deal of time in both of these condos and have discovered a new love and appreciation for condo living. I get the big appeal and, perhaps because I’m getting a bit older and wiser, I have come to the realization that condo living is a wonderful choice when buying a home due to amenities, zero outdoor maintenance and community living.

Condo living just got a new pubic relations rep and it’s me!