There’s No Place Like Home

Over the years, I have had the pleasure to participate in many Home and Garden shows across the country, and as my 2010-2011 schedule continues to book, I’m always excited about the new locations, groups and states I’ll be visiting and sharing my brand of living. My lifestyle/guru skills help others get inspired and motivated to embrace their gardens and homes with a casual luxury approach. If you’ve seen me in person, you know that I offer step by step examples using my garden and home to serve as the inspiration to any project. No matter where you live, how big or small your home may be, you always learn something new, have fun and want to pass on your new found knowledge. That said, has become the new frontier in everything home, garden or life-related, as thousands visit each day to discover what’s new, what’s happening and what’s up with Mar Jennings.

But truth be told, the greatest gift of all is that I do this as a way to express my passion for all things beautiful in hopes that you, too, can discover the endless benefits of “home.” There’s no place like home, as Dorothy perfectly stated. But discovering how to make a house truly transform into a home? The secret is in the people who fill it with you – whether they are there daily, or simply your guests. I discovered that long ago, but recently I met a couple of people who reminded of this important lesson, and it inspired me to write this blog.

Last weekend while at the 9th Annual Home Show at Harbor Yard in Bridgeport CT I met Dr. Lori, TV Host, Ph. D. antique appraiser, and nationally syndicated columnist. I was mesmerized by her knowledge and comedic approach to her discovery process. I loved watching her as she embraced the audience and offered insight to their most cherished possessions. Dr. Lori pulls no punches, frankly evaluating everything from sentimental family objects to flea market finds – from invaluable treasures to sentimental junk. Her gift is that we all laughed regardless of what it was worth.

Excited to meet her, I took this opportunity to ask a question that has always been on my mind, “If an author signs their book does that increase the value?” She replies, “Yes, Mar, by 20%.” That’s all the validation I needed, as the group to begin to form a line for my personally autographed book. I guess it always pays to have a Doctor in the house.

That weekend I was supported by Allicia Norris Community Relations Manager for Barnes & Noble in North Haven. She arrived early with my book and big smile, and created a “Mar Jennings” book station. She processed book payments while I autographed and met the public. She was joined by her lovely – may I say beautiful – daughter Korrey who also added a high level of professionalism to the team. Their dedication to the “Life On Mar’s” experience made me rush home and Facebook them as my new found friends. (And, yes, Dr. Lori, too.)

We had a successful weekend and walked away from the experience with not only the feeling that we helped others but we helped each other. Dr. Lori was extremely professional and a great support: she promoted me before and after her talk, and in return, I offered my “Vanna White” skills to help showcase a large trunk. Allicia and her lovely daughter were on hand the whole time, and when the weekend came to end the friendship was well on its way. I’m sure we will all see each other again, making a new deposit to the friend category.

So no matter where you go, there you are. Home is where you are and what you make of it – and who you welcome into it. When you do welcome others into your life, you’ll share in the secret to making a house a home. And there’s no place like it.