There’s no Place like Home…

If I had a pair of ruby red slippers, and the ability to travel by tapping my heels together and whispering “there’s no place like home” I would definitely do it!  Mostly to avoid the holiday traffic at the airport. My Palm Beach adventure was wonderful! The trip home…not so much.

The overwhelmingly lush tropical beauty of Palm Beach, Florida filled my eyes, my nose, my head with a thousand glorious sensations and inspirations. That said, there is nothing like returning home.  I arrived to see the beauty of Rosebrook Gardens shining through the cold and the rain, and said, “Ahhhhhh-there’s no place like home!”

A lot of people don’t appreciate what Old Man Winter does to a place like Rosebrook Gardens; the winter season is just as important as the showier spring, summer or fall. It is a time to clean up and see what was hiding under a vine, a shrub or a flowering tree. When the weather first gets cold I am so busy – raking, sweeping, cleaning and replacing full green vegetation with garlands, swags, lights, and traditional holiday décor. Truthfully, I’m in Heaven!

Late fall and all winter is also the time when plants rest, restore and replenish themselves to get the strength they need to return in summer glory.  My roses, for example, benefit from a season of rest. This allows them to hibernate in a dormant state, preparing the plants for the high blooming season.  If you come to visit, you will see my boxwoods wrapped in cozy burlap. This prepares them for a heavy snowfall, preserving their shapes and eliminating winter burn.

Winter is a wonderful time for my Elves, Jolly, Jack and Jingle, whom you will soon see again all over social media! They hibernate all summer, plotting plans, and mischief. When Jack Frost visits us, out they pop into the chilly air, turning winter into a Winter Wonderland of good cheer.

Summer, spring, and fall all have their own magical moments, but winter offers the greatest opportunities for rest and reflection. As I spend more time indoors, with my time in the garden limited by the New England weather, I always make sure to take those moments to appreciate my home and contemplate the passage of time and season. Snow and frost bring their own beauty, you just need to sip on a warm drink and allow yourself to see it!

Rosebrook Gardens: truly a home for all seasons but the holidays announce the beauty for all to love and enjoy.  As the steward of this magical home I’m always elated to cherish, love and share my home with all.   I thank the heavens for this glorious blessing.

Enjoy  a tour of Rosebrook Gardens 2018, holiday season through the eyes of Mar’s.