The Village of Rosebook Gardens

Rosebrook Gardens celebrated 22 years last month and as its steward and original owner I celebrated this milestone with many Casual Luxury upgrades.

These last few weeks here at Rosebrook Gardens have been filled with top notch tradesmen and wonderful artisans as we wrap-up a year long journey of transformations: creating my side garden patio, re-doing my indoor fireplace and chimney, and updating my guest bedroom.

I couldn’t have done this alone, as this journey was a huge collaboration with many talented people who have graced my home over the years and have become my on-call resources and service providers, not to mention my new BFF’S.

What a journey! These hand-selected professionals represent the best of the best; whether small individual companies or multi-generational businesses, all with the same mission and localism.  ‘It takes a village’ they say, so here is a shout out to those that make Rosebrook Gardens so special for me and all who visit this special place:

·      Scott Rocklin General Contractors for his league of professionals

·      Sam Gault from Gault Stone & Landscaping supplies for the beautiful exterior stone and slate materials

·      The extremely talented Denis from JCS Design & Built for making my drawings come to life

·      Eric from Eco Windows in Norwalk for the new custom doors (so worth the wait!)

·      Jim Hamel for upgrading my AC condenser and furnace to the latest and greatest technology

·      Damien Teed for building the most elaborate and decorative fireplace cap that personifies grandness and timelessness (he’s a real artist)

·      Jed from Oliver Nursery for ordering and installing my new lush Japanese Holly privacy hedge that traveled all the way from Maryland

·      Mario from Rainstorm Irrigation System for extending the irrigation system and adding more decorative outdoor lighting in the garden

·      Thomas from Lifetronic Systems in Westport for guiding me to the most clever way of displaying and hiding a TV over a fireplace

·      My dear Angelia DeCarlo from Karen Burkemeyer Home for executing and coordinating my custom fireplace hearth

·      Bill Schiebe for having the most meticulous painters in the world!  OMG love them!!

·      Bruce Benway for making wallpaper hanging an art form

And finally Team Mar for living through the hell of a year-long makeover transformation.

So this is my ‘village’ of best of the best that made things happen, thus underscoring why it is so important to have people you trust that love what they do and do what they love as much as I do.  The cameras may be rolling, but in the end this will always be my home and I’ll always remember it take a village to get things done. Watch the entire transformation(s) this season only on LIFE ON MAR’S, The Home Makeover show airing in September.