The Soul of SOLD

Good MARning my MARtians,

We did it again!  Stony Brook Cottage is sold!   That said, There is nothing better than partners who make you a better you.  This year this is personified with the launch of Mar Jennings Real Estate and our new partner Higgins Group Private Brokerage. Clients from all over have already discovered the importance of a boutique real estate agency that is big enough to deliver, small enough to care.

My real estate brand is all about sales, service excellence and differentiating ourselves from other brokers and agents.  We are sales people and designers who understand that selling a home is so much more than the typical reactive approach. We thrive on being proactive and know the commitment and what’s necessary to sell a home.  Stony Brook Cottage is the poster child for this new endeavor and clearly the results speak for themselves.

  1. Brand the home
  2. List it for a competitive price
  3. Stage it
  4. MARket and promote it

And in less than 14 hours we had a signed deal with multiple backups for the full asking price.  Needless to say, my clients where elated and delighted with my overnight success.

My Casual Luxury philosophy was the recipe for the staging and Millie Rae’s resources and talents brought it all home.  Together we created lifestyle vignettes that highlighted the beauty of the home, the value and the lifestyle.

Truth be told, the best part of this entire experience was not just selling the home in record breaking time but the incredible letter the buyers sent to me to forward to my clients. This lovely gesture reminded us all how much I love what I do.  In their note they complimented my passion & hospitality as well as my commitment to the home, the neighborhood and their family.  You see, I’m not just selling a home I’m also gaining a wonderful new family in my neighborhood.

So when you see another SOLD sign up on any of my listings, know this: “Sold” is not just a transaction, but rather my love for design, sales and service. You need all three to be a Lifestyle Realtor and only I and my team of experts know the importance of this simple mission. In order to sell you have to serve, and in order to design you have to create. It’s at the very soul of what my Lifestyle Realtors offer–this and so much more thanks to our partners and our extended commitment to be the best.

Stony Brook Before
Stony Brook After