The Power of Blossoms

Hello my MARtians,

Nothing helps signal the change of seasons like blossoms on trees. In front of my home, Rosebrook Gardens, a pair of Aristocrat flowering pear trees stand guard. Their brilliant display is visible from my living room and from my office desk as I write this.

I’ve seen lots of posts online recently from folks in NY who have stopped to gaze in wonder at bud-filled vistas of the tree lined streets. Just like those who travel to Washington, DC, or Japan for cherry blossoms, they are uplifted by the sight of fluttering petals. What a wonderful cure for the Winter blues each year!

I have vivid childhood memories of my grandmother bringing branches into our house, sometimes as early as end of March if the Winter had seemed especially cold and we all needed cheering. My brothers and I would watch every day for signs of life. (Yes, me most intently!) As the branches warmed and the buds slowly opened I felt renewed myself. My grandmother taught me that those blooms were a promise of what lay ahead outdoors in the days to come; all I had to do was be patient and wait, and it was sure to happen.

This morning, as I look at the white flowers covering the trees I think of the power of her message. Spring is here, and it’s exciting to know that wonderful things always show up when we have patience. Happy Spring!