The Outdoor Shower

We eat outside, we cook outside, we read outside, we even sometimes nap outside.  Y’know what? This week I’m proud to say I’ve been showering outside as well. I’m not alone, as Violet does, too. (More on that below.) My Hamptons houseguests? Well, they need a little coaxing – especially the ladies – but once they experience the vortex of the “great outdoors” shower they, too, get hooked on the experience: young, old, man, woman, dog or child. What’s not to love? Plenty of privacy, a door that locks and a wooden enclosure large enough to change in. Pretty soon they have relocated all their bathtime favorites. The fact that it has no roof only magnifies the benefits as one can enjoy the trees and the blue sky – I feel like I’m showering in a rainforest if you’ll pardon the pun.

I’m no stranger to enjoying all the pleasures that Mother Nature has to offer, and this is not my first experience showering outside. It is my first time showering outside with both hot and cold running water – well, that is a real luxury. Truth be told, ever since I arrived at Mar Central here in the Hamptons I’ve taken long walks on the beach (both in the morning with my coffee and at sunset with my G&T), sunbathed on my very own private beach, and then have been able to simply walk up into the privacy of the outdoor shower.

Everything I need is stored there, and there is no better way to complement the great outdoors than using all natural products. A fabulous mint eucalyptus cleansing soap, combined with an all-natural shampoo and conditioner makes getting clean both good for you and delightful. Incredible natural products by Indie Lee! Let’s not forget about Violet’s organic shampoo by FurBulous Dog. As Violet enjoys the beach daily she, too, can get a little stinky if not bathed often; the great news is that FurBulous Dog Shampoo is 100% organic and certified by the USDA, so I need not worry about her sensitive skin. (Like all dogs, however, she still can’t wait to escape from bath time, even when it’s outdoors!)

I’ve taken advantage of the outdoor shower every day since my arrival, and so far each day I’ve had sunshine in which to enjoy it. If all goes well I just might make it ’til the end of the month; that is if the weather continues to cooperate.

I’ll return to Rosebrook Gardens next week and am pretty sure I will subconsciously search for an outdoor shower, so I guess I’ll just need to add “outdoor shower with hot and cold running water” to my household punch list. Hmm, I wonder where I can put one?

Stay tuned.