The Makings of a Makeover

This week we began shooting Ultimate Backyard Makeover Show airing on FOX Connecticut on June 16th at 1:00 PM. That said, yesterday I had the pleasure to meet the lucky Chowdhury family at their West Hartford home. This was the first time we were to meet, so I was excited to get to know them better and learn all about this family. They were so lovely and welcomed our team into their home. New to West Hartford, Kabir, and Ayesha, with their son Arman and daughter Amreen, moved into their new home less than a year ago.  Since then they have been spending a great deal of time updating, painting and renovating the inside; but when it came to their backyard and landscaping, they were totally lost. Dad entered the competition online by writing a wonderful essay describing their overgrown, uneven backyard disaster in need of the professionals. Luck would have it FOX featured it, the viewers voted – and they won!

Transforming and creating an ultimate backyard makeover begins by teaming up with Connecticut’s best backyard specialists to help bring this yard to its fullest potential. Scott Hokunson, the owner of Blue Heron Landscape Design, has created a plan of action and will oversee the entire project while I’ll host and offer gardening tips for what is sure to be an amazing transformation.

The making of a makeover show has a lot of moving parts – people, plants, machines, cameras and workers. Plus family and friends who want a peek. Add Mother Nature’s unpredictability (thanks, rain!), and that makes for an Ultimate Backyard Makeover. Tune in and watch the magic unfold right before your very eyes.