The Ladies Who Network

Hello my MARtians,

Last week I told you that I was preparing for a garden tour with the Fairfield chapter of the women’s networking group, Over 40 Females. I met their chapter director, Christine Oleynick, when they invited me to speak to their group almost two years ago. I had always wanted to host one of their chapter meetings at my home, Rosebrook Gardens, and the time had finally come. Luckily, the weather could not have been more perfect, and the gardens looked great. I was delighted to meet Judy Goss, who made a special appearance; she is the inspiring CEO/Founder of this group, which now has 28 chapters across the US.

The group arranged some tasty treats for their members. Amazingly yummy food was catered by Book-A-Cook; they couldn’t have been nicer, too. Delicious Spiked Seltzer, a refreshing alcoholic beverage, sampled their wares; it’s perfect for summer and a great alternative to beer. As you can imagine, these wonderful women were very gracious guests, and enjoyed the narrated garden tour (and the spur-of-the-moment house tour, too.) They each left with a signed copy of my book, LIFE ON MAR’S: Creating Casual Luxury. And they left me with a wonderful memory of a terrific day.

My summer intern, Julian, helped our professional videographer as they captured the highlights. (Some folks even popped into the video to sing the praises of the group and my garden.) Photographer Christopher Semmes was also on hand to record the visit for the ladies, and got some great shots (including the one you see here.)

With that wrapped up I have been preparing for more appearances. A busy week looms ahead!

Monday: NBC Connecticut in Hartford for; I’ll be chatting about great summertime host and hostess gifts.

Tuesday: I will be in NYC doing a satellite media tour as a lifestyle spokesperson for Depend. I’ll be talking about fun and easy ways for staying active all summer long. What’s a satellite media tour? It’s where you do multiple TV appearances, staggered one after the other, without traveling to each one. I’ll be in a studio in New York, and the morning TV shows from across the country will interview me “via satellite.”

The clients have booked car services for me both mornings. Since my call times (TV lingo for “when we expect you”) are both early, I’m very happy to not drive (especially since the one on Tuesday arrives at 5am!), and it will give me extra time to prep (and maybe catch a few more winks.)

Watch for the details thoughout the week on my social media channels.