The Giving of Trees

As I look into my garden, I mentally prepare for the transformation that will soon take place. I enjoy my garden’s lingering blooms, knowing that in the spring there will be a rebirth. Rosebrook Gardens is all about planning for each season, and carefully selecting plants and shrubs that will compliment each other both visually and functionally. Now I can begin to relax, knowing that the garden will be at rest, and so will I.

Fall is the perfect time to plant a tree to celebrate a life or a special occasion. A tree planted with love and attention can out-live most of us, and provide years of enjoyment for generations to come. That’s why I urge anyone planning a garden, changing a garden or looking to add height and interest to their property to plant a fabulous tree. It’s the gift that keeps on going.

We seek protection from the summer sun under them; we decorate them with lights for the holidays; we use their wood for fuel to heat our homes in winter. That said, there are many reasons to plant a tree, but the best reason is for Mother Earth.

You can get really involved and plant more trees in your neighborhood. The Arbor Day Foundation has numerous resources available for individuals and companies and can help plan, organize and execute a tree-planting event in any community. For more information, check out www.arborday.orgor call 1-888-448-7337.

Although I’m maxed out on my property, the joy that I had planting my seven trees over the years is something I’ll always cherish. Today, I look around Rosebrook Gardens, and recall the people I have loved, the places I’ve been and the gift that I have been given by owning this amazing property I call home. I appreciate all the beauty and majesty they have to offer and regard myself their keeper as they reward me each year by growing, blooming and increasing my home value with their breathtaking display.

A tree for a life and a life for a tree. Find a reason to plant one today.