The Gilded Age

Every room in my home is graced with lovely works in beautiful gilt frames – everything from portraits of the Misses Von Schnorkenhiemer, to original oils, to gorgeous mirrors.  A small impressionist style painting from my parent’s home was my inspiration for many years of art collecting, and I’ve never looked back.  One of my favorite artists is Dennis Sheehan, a contemporary American artist, known for his realistic landscapes and ability to capture a mood.






I also collect vintage mirrors, both starbursts, and more classic shapes, of many sizes.  It’s a handsome collection, and my fine art and mirrors are either in original frames or in modern reproductions by J Pocker of Westport.

I love to support my community and utilize talented local craftsmen and artisans, such as those at J. Pocker. This company has been run by the family for over two decades, and Lara (a 20-year veteran of the firm) is my go-to for hand-crafted, one of a kind frames.  Each one is designed for each particular work, accounting for the history of the piece, the scale, as well as its intended home.

Lara will also advise and assist with installation – which is crucial to get right when you are dealing with a fragile, 450-pound vintage mirror!  Whether you are designer like myself, or new to the world of framing, having the best resources is essential.

When I hung my new mirror over the mantel, I could only think of Henry James, the author known for his embrace of the Gilded Age and his love of a well-arranged space.

I placed the bronze dog just so to embrace both light and reflection; I love this unusual sculpture.  When I spotted it at Dovecote (a Mar Approved design destination!), I knew it was coming home with me.  This piece captures both my love of art and my devotion to my fur babies.

I adjusted the frames, polished the glass and stood back to admire my newly gilded and refined sitting room – the focus of an attainable, elegant home. At Rosebrook Gardens, Casual Luxury is in evidence, from floor to ceiling, and room to room.