The Challenge

Many people dream of doing what they love, and loving what they do. I have been very grateful to do just that. It’s hard to imagine that a former regional and sectional figure skating champion can become a Senior Vice President in banking, only to leave corporate America to peruse an ambitious goal of becoming a TV Host, Lifestyle Expert and Author. That in itself was a challenge.

I was told by many that I would fail, lose everything I worked so hard for, and be back in banking in a year or two. But somehow along this long journey I instead managed to capture the title of America’s Top Lifestyle Expert. An honor, to say the least.

I have learned many lessons in life, but nothing as powerful or momentous as acknowledging all those who made my road to success possible. You all know who you are: my friends, and family, my neighbors and community, the website designer, the editors, the graphic designers, the garden clubs, the networks, producers, cameramen, directors, stylists and makeup artists, the grip and helpful extras, too. All are recognized for their contribution, dedication and unique qualities. Anything is possible when people have a plan, come together and set a goal. I’m living proof of that, but I know I’m not alone when I say anything is possible!

For example, the incredible ALS Ice bucket challenge, which first seeped into, and then raced across the social media channels, raising awareness across the country and the world. As of Friday, August 22, The ALS Association has received $53.3. million in donations compared to $2.2 million during the same time period last year. These donations have come from existing donors and 1.1 million new donors to The Association.

I, too, accepted the challenge this week, but rather than just having a bucket of ice and cold water thrown over my head I made a donation as well. (As many others have done.) Truth be told, as I watched the challenge go viral I pondered and took a moment to count my blessings. With many wonderful assignments planned, my lecture series, my new LIFE ON MAR’S Home Makeover Show, and more. And of course the ability to get up and do the things I love, something that ALS sufferers lose over time.

So on this blog I give a shout out to the importance of challenging yourself both personally and professionally, and acknowledge the many people that make my life on Mar’s so wonderful. From the earthy pleasures, to beyond the heavens and the universe – all somehow unite for what is no doubt a journey of life. Thanks, my MARtians, for dreaming along with me.