The 12 Days of “Elfmas” are for Everyone!

12 Days of Elfmas

Happy Friday, MARtians! If you follow my posts and blogs for even a couple of weeks, you know I love to be playful. This is especially true around the holidays. That’s why you will notice on all my social media channels that I have hired some very special brand ambassadors for the days leading up to the holidays.

It’s a temp gig, but these fellows have a lot of excess energy to expend so they might as well use it for good. However, I do have a lot of trouble keeping them in line. They are such cheeky fellows.

My elves came to me from one of my favorite stores, HomeGoods. I had a holiday segment to prepare for a live news appearance, and I needed cute and festive accessories. When I saw this trio sitting on the shelves looking all forlorn and out of place, I knew I was adopting them.

I named my new friends Jolly, Jingle, and Jack. I think they love it at Rosebrook Gardens; they have so much room to frolic about.

Every day I post the elves’ activities, both good and bad. I call it the “12 Days of Elfmas.” (They are so mischievous that after 12 days I send them packing until next year.) Of course, I’m always catching them in some mischievous act or another. And they seem to get a kick out of plotting against Violet, my miniature schnauzer. (They can be quite fresh at times, so if you’re easily offended, you have been warned.)

The posts are fun for me. I find it a festive and creative way to express myself. I try to pay attention to the detailsand place them in very specific positions, right down to their hands and the jaunt of their caps.

So keep a sharp eye out for Jingle, Jolly, and Jack. They’ll be making many more appearances in the coming days. I hope you get a giggle out of it, and perhaps you’ll even be inspired to de-stress and lighten up your holiday season. I can attest that these elves help put the joy in my season.