Thanksgiving 2015 Reflections

Hello, my MARtians,

On today of all days, I reflect and pause to acknowledge my blessings, my life’s journey and those incredible people who fill my world with such happiness and love. My universe is complex, with many individuals both here and in the heavens above shaping and molding my sense of being. I’m blessed in so many wonderful ways, but the core of my gratitude comes from my friends, colleagues, clients, family and my MARtians. You leave forever-lasting footprints deep within my spirit and are sources of fuel for my continuous journey in life.

I say that Life on Mar’s is my home, my being, and my soul, but truthfully it is really created in part by you all. The social media world has expanded our ability to communicate in ways that were never possible before, and each and every friend or MARtian should know that I’m grateful not just today but every day. I acknowledge my blessings and many gifts knowing that my footprint while here on planet Earth will forever be about appreciation, love and being the best I can be.

Having you all in my life – whether on social media or in person – makes me a better me, and has validated my universe. Life is a gift, and so are you, and accordingly this Thanksgiving Day I must say: thank you! Two simple words, but I hope you all know just how deeply they lie within my core. As you sit down to your meal today know that I am thinking about you at mine.

On behalf of myself, my team and my schnauzer, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!