Thank You!

My MARtians, you came from all over the state to hear me speak about creating Casual Luxury in the home and garden during my lectures at the Connecticut Flower & Garden Show last weekend. It was held at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford. I was so delighted to see so many wonderful people pack the lecture space day after day: new friends and of course my dedicated MARtians followers. And for that, I’m truly grateful. What a huge success! Even the snow didn’t keep you away.

This new 2015 lecture series encompasses my core designs for the garden, using my home Rosebrook Gardens as the subject. I deconstruct my garden into simple steps and tips that anyone could apply to their property. My steps are a completely out-of-the-box approach to thinking about gardening design; a formula, as it were, that becomes clear as I use photos to deconstruct the thought process behind my own garden. You told me it was easy to understand how my Casual Luxury brand truly has no boundaries.

Needless to say, many of the audience members I chatted with were in awe at the clear approach I created and could not be more excited and motivated to apply my tips in their own garden – once we all defrost, that is. Truth be told, I do love public speaking and I make it a point not just to provide great content and to be motivating, but to also make it fun, exciting and of course, whenever possible, to fill the room with laughter as well. My passion to communicate my skill sets will forever set me free from my former, stuffy banking days.

Last week had other successes, as we filmed the reveal of the LIFE ON MAR’S, The Home Makeover Show, coming soon to ABC, and announced the creation of MAR JENNINGS Lifestyle Homes, a core part of, with two hand-selected team members who I’m referring to as of lifestyle realtors: Beth Saunders and Michael Ferraro.

‘Mondays with MAR’ on NBC returned this week, but this time with Violet on-camera as well. She helped me do a “not so RUFF” home design segment on how to show your love for your pet without sacrificing style. And of course, she was a big hit in the studio.

So lots to be thankful for. Life on this universe is pretty damn good, I say.