From my S&J Multimedia office in Westport, Connecticut – located in what is known to many as Rosebrook Gardens – I muse on the many wonderful experiences that this last year bestowed on me. Truth be told, in 2012 I will have spent a decade creating and building the MAR brand! Just think, what a wonderful milestone for a casual luxury brand that offers MARvelously simple approaches that are timeless, elegant, and easily understood by all who welcome the inspiration into their homes.

So what made this last year such a great success? My partnerships with CT1 Media, my Better TV family, Cottage Farms/QVC and of course let’s not forget But first and formost: You, my devoted followers and friends. Thanks to all these things, I live my dream every day, building Life on Mar’s for a universe of followers. I thank my lucky stars that I do what I love and get to share it all with you, and for that I’m entirely grateful, blessed and honored.

With New Years Eve only days away you can be sure that when the clock strikes 12 o’clock I’ll welcome the New Year – as well as welcoming a new decade for my business – with excitement, drive and even more passion. I have many goals to attain (expanding throughout the national market and releasing my next book are just a couple!), but regardless of my initiatives Rosebrook Gardens will remain the foundation for my creativity and my gift, and not a day goes by that I don’t appreciate her. You know, usually I refer to Rosebrook Gardens as “it” but lately I’ve realized that “her” is quite fitting as she is beautiful, gets my undivided attention and give me so much joy. Violet may be my little girl but Rosebrook Gardens has to be the step-daughter of Mother Nature.

May 2012 bring you many wonderful and glorious times. You can be sure I’ll be right here sharing mine with you.

Thank you everyone and Happy New Year!