Sun Kissed

When I think about my life I think about the many memories one gets when having two dogs.  In 2017 Daisy arrived to fulfill my love of schnauzers and little fur babies.  That said, many people thought I was crazy to bring another schnauzer into the home with a mature schnauzer already ruling the roost, but against their advice I still moved forward and proceeded with the adoption papers.   And yes, purchasing a dog from Maximillion Schnauzers is like adopting a child.  Extensive and daunting was the process but in the end Daisy arrived with her Travel Nanny and all turned upside down as a new baby arrived.  Flash forward to today and Violet and Daisy sit proudly side by side as sisters, friends (and sometimes rivals–for affection, that is!)

Westport is my home and whenever I can find dog-friendly places to eat, drink and be MARry I’m in!  Recently I discover Evan Harding Point, a small park by the waterfront, that welcome pets and picnics with plenty of parking. So of course this became our very own beachfront property, one I like to call sunset haven.

With the perfect sunset, picnic and friends my girls embraced the fun and sat for a photo.  The magic of the sun hitting their locks of golden curls made for the irresistible photo opportunity.   As you can see a wonderful memory made by capturing them both.  We offered a toast that night for the blessing of the beautiful summer days, friends and the fur babies Violet & Daisy who are close to our hearts.

I also took a brief moment to remember when Daisy was not eagerly awaited by everyone present, and MARveled at how they turned from being the less-than-supportive schnauzers aunties and step fathers to now loving, doting, co-parents and family. People change as schnauzer love is contagious. And that’s pretty golden, too, in by book.